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Welcome to Course Media for Schools, the ultimate solution for all English students in the world! If you are studying, or planning to study, the English langauge you can't skip our website. It will be extremely useful for you today, and for as long as you carry on with your Engish courses or self-learning efforts!

Course Media for Schools is perfect for all sorts of English students, no matter where they live or which is their first language. Anyone can benefit from all the great things that we have here at Course Media for Schools, and you are one of them! Welcome to our community of learners!

How can Course Media for Schools help your English studies?

If you have already engaged in an English course in the pase, you have definitely struggled to get the right course materials. Some teachers suggest books and audiobooks from their shops of choice, but they are usually more expensive because shops know students will go there looking for that material anyway. If you don't have your teacher's guidance, you are forced to shop around, see different English books and workbooks, and you're never quite sure they will be perfect for your needs.

Course Media for Schools has been created as a solution for English students around the world. We offer complete packages of English work material with which you can complement your English classes or self-learning courses. We have bilingual material in many different languges, audio and virtual resources, and books for all levels of proficiency. In only one stop, you can buy all you need and get it delivered to your very doorstep!

Welcome to Course Media for Schools, the ultimate solution for your English working material.

What makes us your perfect choice?

We have the most complete catalogue of English learning material. Books, workbooks, textbooks, audiobooks and audio CDs, DVDs and even PDF files for e-learning. We have bilingual books for most common languages, which are perfect for self-learning. All material in one place. Visit our perfectly ordered catalogue and find all you need in no time! We offer group discounts and quantity discounts, which are perfect for group students or long term course students. Buy all your books and audio material and get up to 25% off. Tell your classmates and friends to purchase their material here or even give them gift cards to encourage them with the study of English. The more people you bring, the greater the discount you all get!
We want you to have the best experience when buying your English course material, so we are available for you at any time. You can contact us very easily through our contact form or our phone number. We will answer in no time and provide orientation on which is the best material for your interest and needs. We ship worldwide and even offer free shipping for large orders. Purchase in one afternoon all the material that you need and have it delivered right at your doorstep in a matter of days! 
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"It was terrible to shop around for days, struggling to find the right set of material for my English course. There are so many things to choose, and sometimes they just don't complement each other. Course Media for Schools has it all solved for us. More students should know about it." read more >>

Marcela Chavez,

"Our students love Course Media for Schools because it makes getting their material much easier for them. In just one day they can purchase all they need, and the group discounts are very interesting. We suggest all our students to get their materials there." read more >>

, Hang Sinh English School

"The variety of books and audio material that I can find in Course Media for Schools is the best. I have never seen such a catalogue in any other English course material shop. I can get anything I want here. Perfect." read more >>

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